Hurricane Safety

Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30, and for Houstonians it’s extremely important to prepare and what to do when the next hurricane hits.  One this page you’ll find some general information on how you should prepare, what to do and where to go in the event of a hurricane.  Also residents should always check with their apartment management for preparation information specific to their community.

What to do in the midst of a hurricane 

  • Check local TV, radio or phone updates every 30 minutes in order to get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions.
  • Charge all needed electronics like cell phones to full battery in case you lose power.
  • If you live in one of the State-designed evacuation zones, you are required BY LAW to evacuate when ordered by local officials.  If you refuse to leave, you will most likely not be arrested, but you will be endangering your own life and the lives of first responders
  • If you live in an area that’s not recommended for evacuation, stay exactly where you are don’t attempt to move during the storm
  • Remember the phrase “run from the water; hide from the wind.”  Most death’s in hurricanes are caused by drowning, so it’s important that you avoid flooded areas and being swept away by high winds. 
  • Stay away from windows and close storm shutters
  • Turn your refrigerator or freezer to the coldest setting to preserve food longer if the power goes out

Emergency Contact Information

Stay Prepared

  • Keep your vehicles filled up with gas at all times.
  • Bring in all outdoor objects; they can cause serious injury. Such as, but not limited to: patio furniture, hanging plants, trash cans, gardening tools and barbecues.
  • If your home is vulnerable to rising water, move furniture and valuables to a higher level.
  • If you have pets, prepare for them. Follow the tips provided by

Have Your Own Survival Kit

Have a survival kit prepared at all times. Have available the one provided by the Houston Red Cross.

Tips during a Storm:

  • Listen closely to the state and local government public announcements and keep your families informed on pertinent information.
  • When officials recommend evacuation, LEAVE! Do not try to ride out a hurricane in a high-risk area.
  • Seek shelter inland with family or friends, at a hotel or designated shelter.
  •  Notify relatives and friends of your plans

Confirm hotel reservations.