HAA offers a wide variety of member services to enhance the industry's professionalism and to increase the marketability of the members. General meetings, the annual trade show, standardized contracts and forms, and market information are just a few of the services HAA offers. HAA is the only apartment association in the nation to offer a Resident Credit Reporting (RCR) service, which provides apartment managers with rental history and felony conviction history information.

Annual membership

Annual dues include membership with the Houston Apartment Association, Texas Apartment Association, and the National Apartment Association.  All employees of each member company are covered under the annual membership dues and are renewed on the anniversary date.

Standard Lease Contracts, Forms & Books (Owner/Management Only)

Continual updates that keep our owner management members apprised of pending legislation and a staff person available to answer questions about the state and federal laws and city ordinances. 

Lease contract and forms

Resident Relations Department and Helpline

Free assistance to all member apartment personnel who have questions or need advice when dealing with residents. Community service for residents to help resolve misunderstandings concerning the lease, application and security deposits.

Surveys-Statistical Data

Compensation and Benefits survey updated every other year.  Annual Survey of Income and Expenses available through the National Apartment Association .  

Education Programs

Seminars covering legal issues, basic management techniques, budgeting, property taxes, financing, maintenance and more.  Certified Apartment Leasing Agent, Manager, Maintenance Technician, and Property Supervisor Programs. Education Grants available for certification programs.
Go to Education for more information.

ABODE Magazine

Each member company gets a subscription to HAA's premier monthly publication with 75 pages of interesting, informative articles from industry insiders, covering rental housing trends and tips to help reduce the expense of day to day operations. Bi-annual report on rental rates and occupancy statistics.
Go to Editorial Calendar for more information.

Directory and Buyer's Guide

An printed guide listing all HAA member owner/management companies, properties and supplier companies that supply products and services to the rental housing industry. One copy is mailed to each member including each property in January.   See the online Buyer's Guide of products and services at : www.haabuyersguide.com

Networking Events and Meetings

Networking opportunities for supplier members to meet and connect with potential clients and customers.  We host at least one general meeting per month that all members are encouraged to attend.  Events such as breakfasts, luncheons, seated dinners, golf tournament, sporting events, chili fest, conference and expo, and more!

*Rental Credit Reporting Service - RCR (Owner/Management Only)

(This is an optional service for an additional charge.)  Constantly updated system contains rental histories and current eviction information from subscribers as well as JP Courts in Harris, Ft. Bend, Brazoria, Montgomery, and Galveston counties. As many as 200,000 rental updates are received annually.

Statewide felony and misdemeanor convictions as well as most wanted fugitive and suspected terrorists information is part of the RCR service.  Nationwide Retail Credit Bureau Reports are available to RCR Subscribers. Go to Rental Credit Reporting for more information.

Questions? E-mail the Member Services Department