Sponsorship is a great way to gain recognition for your company, personnel, products and services. By sponsoring an event, your company gains immediate name recognition and credibility with decision makers. You are able to target a very specific group of HAA members, you can sponsor specific events. 

We sell event and meeting sponsorships through a live auction twice a year; Typically once in January and once in June.  This way you are able to determine the value of an event for yourself.  More than 160 events and meetings are available for sponsorship throughout the year. Some items will be sold by "drawing" meaning that the event will have a preset amount and all companies interested can enter their name into the drawing to win the item.  Whoever we draw from all the entries will win that event for that specific amount.

If you wish to sell to the executive level, you may want to sponsor a golf tournament or general meeting. If your buyers are property supervisors, then an ACES program is the best event for you. During most sponsored events, a commercial is read to attendees and sponsor signs are displayed. All events are promoted with pre-event publicity in ABODE magazine, our weekly e-mail blast, on our plasma screen in the registration area of the Dinerstein Reed Prokop Education Center, and on our website.        

Our next purchasing opportunity is set for Thursday, June 13th, 2024 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Major events and education programs will be up for bid such as the Annual Chili Fest, New Year Installation Gala Presented by Camp Facility Services, Dinerstein Memorial Golf Tournament PAC Fundraiser, Industry Achievement & Business Meeting (formerly Annual Business Meeting), Summer Business Exchange, ACES Luncheons, PAC Meetings, numerous education courses, seminars and more!


Some events or meetings are sold by random draw.  You can purchase events that we will sell at a preset amount.  We try to keep some events at a more affordable cost and to keep it fair to the entire supplier membership. There's something for every budget!  If interested in participating in the drawings, you will fill out a Drawing Purchase Label and place it on an entry card and place it in the box indicated for the lot you are interested in purchasing.  We'll then draw the from the entries for each event to decide the winner.  We'll draw the winners at 3:45 pm and announce them just before the live auction begins. 

Are you new to HAA and haven't attended an auction before?
 Not sure which events to bid on? Attend the Sponsorship Auction 101 Session at 2:30 pm before the auction starts.  Learn more about how the auction works and get an idea of which events would work best for you.

Click below for helpful hints:


Sponsorship Auction Descriptions and Terms

Make the most of your sponsorship

Are you wondering how much events and meetings typically sell for?  Although it will be difficult to predict what items will sell for you can click below to Download the program results from previous auctions and get an idea of what events sold for in the last few years and the companies that sponsored them. 

June 2023 Event Sponsors
June 2022 Event Sponsors
June 2021 Event Sponsors

January 2024 Event Sponsors
January 2023 Event Sponsors
January 2022 Event Sponsors

Can't make the live auction event?  PROXY BIDDING Is available through Tuesday, Jun 11th!  
Review the auction program guide to determine the lots you are interested in purchasing.  Fill out the Proxy Agreement and Proxy Bid Form indicating the item, lot #, and amount you wish to spend.  We will assign a board member to bid for you up to your maximum bid.  You may win the item at a lower amount but not over the maximum.
Email Amanda Sherbondy at asherbondy@haaonline.org for proxy forms.